We understand that buying jewellery and accessories can be a difficult task. When it’s for someone you love, it’s important you make the right choice. Jewellery can be very personal, and it can take time and a lot of thought to get something you know that special someone will love.

There are some timeless pieces that can appeal to all, which we will be featuring in this post, but for those who want to surprise a special somebody with the ideal piece, we have devised a few pointers for you on where to begin


Pay Attentjewellery finery and coion

Although not always the case, often somebody’s style will be reflected in their taste in Jewellery.
Take note and look out for particular styles they seem to be fond of wearing, or avoiding. This can give you inspiration on the type of product to buy. For example, a husband trying to decide on what kind of earrings to buy his wife notices she only ever wears studs for earrings, it’s probably a safe bet for him to avoid hoops! Accessories don’t have to bold and vibrant, so noticing the small details people add when they dress up will give you a good idea of their style.



Personality can also have a large effect  jewellery choices.Finery and Co Jewellery
Knowing the ins and outs of an individual’s lifestyle and interests is often an easy way to work out what piece is or isn’t going to work. If your brother is a sporting fanatic, who enjoys dirt biking and running, he will more likely appreciate a watch that isn’t bespoke titanium.
Thinking about what the person you’re buying for really enjoys and loves, will provide inspiration as to the theme or style of jewellery that will work for them. Small and more discreet pieces may suit individuals who like to keep a classic and modest style. Bold and thickset items may appeal to somebody who likes to stand out from the crowd.



Make it PersonalFinery and Co Birth stones

If something contains thought and reasoning, the receiver of your gift is more than likely going to appreciate the piece. This is when knowing their birthstone can provide a great opportunity to allow a piece to be tailored to them and to contain a personal meaning.
Pieces containing birthstones are a popular choice for birthdays as well as significant occasions such as Christmas. For a sentimental someone, this sort of concept is likely to be loved.




Consider SymbolismFinery and Co Jewellery

If you know somebody well enough, create a similar thoughtful piece through engraving and choosing elements that you know are favourited by the person, or include concepts that symbolise them. Jewellery can be used to say a thousand words and celebrate all different forms of love. From a bracelet for a mother with her daughter’s initials on, to a dog tag pendant for a military boyfriend, there are a number of ways you can show someone you care through symbol jewellery.



Still No Idea?

For those that really do not know much information at all about somebody, we suggest keeping things classic and simple. We have selected some of our favourite pieces at the moment that can be staples for anybody.

This Acorn Bracelet with Rose Gold Pendant is a symbol of the festive season, with acorns falling in the winter time, this piece can be an evergreen reminder of Christmas 2016. Racorn braceletose Gold, remains a popular choice this year and compliments the silver chain perfectly. This delicate piece combines detail with simplicity to act as a staple bracelet this year.


Lockets are a timelessly romantic gesture, perfect for a partner. This Snowdrop locket is simple yet beautiful in its elegance with a rhodium plated snowdrop disc locket and box chain. The sole silver theme allows it to be universal and ideal for someone who doesn’t like to make a fuss but loves classic and gorgeous design, such as the delicate snowdrop sketch this locket showcases.



The Dalvey full Hunter Pocket Watch is ideal for the modern gentleman. Sophisticated and classic, this 03282richly textured, meticulously detailed faces, full hunter fob-watch cases and precision mechanical movements with 17 jewels: ideal accessories for the discerning modern gentleman.


It may not be easy, but with a wide range available at Finery & Co, you can be sure to find the ideal piece. Let us know what gift you chose, and have a wonderful time shopping this Christmas!

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